Our Vendors

CF-00081 - Almo Nature
Almo Nature
US-00236 - Amazing Pet Products
Amazing Pet Products
CF-00005 - Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer
Armstrong Milling
Armstrong Milling
US-00115 - Bags On Board
Bags On Board
CS-00003 - Bond Pet Inc.
Bond Pet Inc.
CS-00009 - Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie & Clyde
Borderland Food Co.
Borderland Food Co.
Bowls By Brand
Bowls By Brand
CS-00184 - Canada Pooch
Canada Pooch
CF-00079 - Canadian Naturals
Canadian Naturals
US-00135 - Canine Hardware Inc.
Canine Hardware Inc.
US-00111 - CatDancer Products Inc.
CatDancer Products Inc.
US-00277 - Charming Pet Products
Charming Pet Products
US-00207 - Conair Corporation Inc.
Conair Corporation Inc.
US-00064 - Company of Animals
Company of Animals
Dog Gone Gourmet
Dog Gone Gourmet
US-00212 - Dog Gone Smart
Dog Gone Smart
CS-00169 - Plastics Solutions Canada Inc.
Plastics Solutions Canada Inc.
CF-00082 - Eco-Solutions Inc.
Eco-Solutions Inc.
CS-00016 - Enviro Fresh
Enviro Fresh
Fashion Pet
Fashion Pet
US-00028b - Fat Cat Inc.
Fat Cat Inc.
Feelgood Treat Company
Feelgood Treat Company
CS-00085 - Flexi-Bogdahn
US-00017 - Furminator (UPG)
Furminator (UPG)
US-00038 - Gimborn Pet
Gimborn Pet
US-00093 - Grannick's Bitter Apple Co.
Grannick's Bitter Apple
US-00213 - Happy Tails
Happy Tails
US-00281b - Hare of the Dog
Hare of the Dog
FS-00009 - Herman Sprenger
Herman Sprenger
UF-00020b - Holistic Select
Holistic Select
US-00028a - Jackson Galaxy
Jackson Galaxy
Jay's Tasty Adventures
Jay's Tasty Adventures
CF-00009b - Jerky Treats
Jerky Treats
CF-00076b - Kettle Craft
Kettle Craft
Klassen Wood Co.
Klassen Wood Co.
US-00146 - K&H Manufacturing
K&H Manufacturing
US-00053 - Mammoth Pet Products
Mammoth Pet Products
UF-00026 - Merrick Pet Care Inc.
Merrick Pet Care Inc.
US-00059 - Millers Forge Inc.
Millers Forge Inc.
Missing Link
Missing Link
Modern Kanine
Modern Kanine
CF-00088 - Mountain Dog Food
Mountain Dog Food
US-00250 - Multipet International Inc.
Multipet International Inc.
My Mighty Lion
My Mighty Lion
My Mighty Wolf
My Mighty Wolf
US-00215 - Nature's Ocean
Nature's Ocean
UF-00004 - Natural Balance
Natural Balance
US-00248 - New Age Pet
New Age Pet
Nina Ottosson
Nina Ottosson
US-00244 - Nite Ize Inc.
Nite Ize Inc.
Nothing Added
Nothing Added
UF-00007 - Old Mother Hubbard
Old Mother Hubbard
CS-00040 - Omega Paw Inc.
Omega Paw Inc.
US-00180 - OurPet's Company
OurPet's Company
US-00139 - Outward Hound
Outward Hound
Patchwork Pet
Patchwork Pet
Paw Brothers
Paw Brothers
CS-00189 - PawsitiveFX
Pets 4 Life
Pets 4 Life
Pets Don't Stink
Pets Don't Stink
US-00080 - Petsport USA Inc.
Petsport USA Inc.
US-00072 - Pillstashios
CS-00183 - PK Natural Pet Foods
PK Natural Pet Foods
Pura Naturals Pet
Pura Naturals Pet
CF-00018b - Purina Beggin
Purina Beggin
CF-00018c - Purina Beneful
Purina Beneful
CF-00018d - Purina Busy
Purina Busy
CF-00018e - Purina Fancy Feast
Purina Fancy Feast
CF-00018f - Purina Friskies
Purina Friskies
Purina Mainstay
Purina Mainstay
CF-00018a - Purina Pro Plan
Purina Pro Plan
CS-00034 - Ralph Moore & Sons
Ralph Moore & Sons
CF-00035 - Rocky Mountain Raw
Rocky Mountain Raw
CS-00007 - ROK Straps Canada
ROK Straps Canada
CS-00018 - Rollover Premium
Rollover Premium
US-00247 - Royal Pet Inc.
Royal Pet Inc.
US-00205a - Scrumptious
US-00256 - Silver Spur
Silver Spur
US-00115b - Simple Solution
Simple Solution
Smart Bones
Smart Bones
CS-00018b - Smokey Bones
Smokey Bones
Snicky Snaks
Snicky Snaks
US-00265 - Solvit Products
Solvit Products
CS-00061 - Spark Pet Products
Spark Pet Products
US-00031 - Ethical Pet Products
Ethical Pet Products
US-00181 - StarMark Pet Products, Inc.
StarMark Pet Products, Inc.
UF-00030 - Stella & Chewy's
Stella & Chewy's
UF-00032 - Steve's Real Food
Steve's Real Food
UF-00003 - Swheat Scoop
Swheat Scoop
CF-00022 - The Granville Island Pet Treatery
The Granville Island Pet Treatery
The Tough Stuff
Tough Stuff
CS-00192 - This & That Canine Co.
This & That Canine Co.
US-00251 - Thundershirt
CF-00018g - Purina Tidy Cats
Purina Tidy Cats
US-00281 - Treat Planet
Treat Planet
Trippin Paws
Trippin' Paws
US-00091 - Veterinarian`s Best
Veterinarian`s Best
US-00155 - Vitakraft Sun Seed, Inc.
Vitakraft Sun Seed, Inc.
Walton Wood Farm
Walton Wood Farm
Whole Earth Farms
Whole Earth Farms
Wholesome Pride
Wholesome Pride
UF-00001 - World's Best
World's Best
CF-00004 - Yesterday's News
Yesterday's News