Meet Team Anipet

Inspiring Leadership | Building Community

Head Office

Troy Firth

Helen Foster
Chief Financial Officer

Tim Kellington
Executive Vice President of Operations

Rich Kellington
Executive Vice President of Product Development

Kristin Ratcliffe

Accounting Team

Rhonda Luding
FX Specialist / Accounts Payable

Isabel Lakeman
Payroll / Accounts Payable

Lynda Finch
Accounts Payable

Nicole Cummings
Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Natalie Hill
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
604-542-3833 Direct Line

Purchasing Team

Adriano Morelli
Purchasing Manager

Emeliene David
Head Purchaser

Mary Graf
US Supply Purchaser

Chris Marshall
Pricing, Inventory & Data Coordinator

Cheryl Kilpatrick
Canadian Supply Purchaser & Reporting/Bill Back Coordinator
Shanna Gregson
Food/Treat Purchaser & Transfer Coordinator

Colleen Lord

Marketing Team

Amy Faure
Vendor Communications
& Marketing Manager
Demi Jensen
Website & Tech Coordinator

Leila Wenzel
Graphic Designer

Customer Care Team

Tammi Bell
Customer Care Manager
604-542-3844 Direct Line
Diana Murray
Customer Care Team Supervisor

Clayton Temple
Customer Care Specialist

Maureen Adams
Customer Care Specialist

Jessica O'Connor
Customer Care Specialist

Carla Catigay
Customer Care Specialist

Veronica Plain
Customer Care Specialist

Jen Savage
Administrative Assistant

Robyn Provan
Senior Invoice & Credits Coordinator

Mariam Nagem
Invoicing/Credits Coordinator

Rochelle Paterson
Invoicing/Credits Coordinator

Reporting & Analysis

Laura Porter
Warehouse/Office Reporting Liaison


Carol- Ann Burry
Surrey Warehouse Manager

Parm Gill
Calgary Warehouse Manager

Chris Allen
Logistics Manager

Kim Maw
Receiving Manager

Robyn Rockwell
Shipping Manager

Feet on the Street

Region 1 . . . . . . . . . . .
Tyler Lemmon
Regional Manager

Phil Turton
District Manager

Region 2 . . . . . . . . . . .
Brad Avery
Regional Manager

Peter Melville
District Manager
Interior, BC
Jeff Muzyka
District Manager

Region 3 . . . . . . . . . . .
Thomas Gronberg
Regional Manager

Justin Landstorfer
Senior District Manager

Riley Taylor
District Manager

Adam Ivan
District Manager