Questions & Answers

The first step is to fill out a new account application and one of our sales representatives will be in contact with you to learn more about your business. From there we can proceed with application process and get you all the information you need.
We have warehouses in both Surrey, BC and Calgary, AB. We use a combination of our own trucks and third-party carriers. Your location will determine your delivery service. This will be part of your account set-up process.
We have freight guidelines in place so you can review the ordering requirements. This will be part of your account set-up process.
No, we do not ship internationally. Our supplies ship across Canada, the dog and cat food selection is limited to Western Canada.
You need to be an Anipet customer and logged in to your account to see pricing.

Please see below for a helpful legend of codes used in some of our item descriptions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Anipet representative, or our customer care team.

COMING: These are brand new items, coming to you soon! We will place a hold for stock order for you and contact you when the item arrives.

PREBOOK: These are items that are not regularly stocked and will be special ordered just for you! We will place a hold for stock order and contact you when the item arrives.

MONTH: (Example June) We have sold out of the items, but have more on order for you! The month indicates when we expect stock to arrive.

MTO: These are items that are Manufacture Temporarily out of stock. ETA is the next PO but not confirmed by vendor.

SOLD OUT: Sorry, we have sold out of the Seasonal Item you are looking for, please review our site for additional items, this item may be back next year!

VSD: There are currently Vendor Shipping Delays

N/A: Not Available due to vendor issues, similar to MTO, however with N/A the vendor has no ETA for when this item will be back in stock.

PRESALE: We are placing a PO, get your order in to secure stock on the next PO arriving.
We accept Visa, MasterCard & direct deposit.  All new accounts are set up with pre-authorized credit card payment, after a year, our Accounts Receivable Team will work with you to determine which payment methods works best with you.