Meal Mixer Skin+Coat Care Salmon 3.5OZ(12)

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  • Dogs love it
    Super simple and the dog loves this added to his food.. can feel good about adding this in.
  • YUM
    Goose loves to eat – that’s no shock to anyone at this point who’s read any of our reviews before or sees that he’s your typical Chocolate Lab. We are always looking for solutions to help aid in his fight against seasonal allergies that cause flair ups with his skin and coat health. The Skin & Coat Care Salmon Meal Mixer is a great addition to add into Goose’s diet. Whether it’s mixing it into his kibble (Acana Pacifica) with some warm water or adding into his 3-a-week raw meals, we feel good adding premium-quality salmon and salmon skin to his diet. Full of EPA + DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, it’s a great option to help maintain Goose’s skin and shiny coat.